Wednesday 9th August, 2017

Wednesday 9th August, 2017

Yesterday, I, together with my class, went to Noosa Beach. We went by bus and left at 8:30am. It was a very big bus that could seat more than 60 people on it. However there were only 13 of us, so inevitably, we could use two seats for each person.

Before we got to Noosa Beach, we went to Eumundi Market where many people sold their handmade goods. I bought a bacon and egg roll. It was delicious; the bacon was cooked just right and eating it with egg made for a great taste. However, it cost $9.50 which was expensive. After that, I bought some salted caramel nuts for $10. They were delicious too. I want to go there again.

Next, we want to Margaret's (one of our teachers) house. Her house was astonishingly beautiful. There was a river in front of her deck which had stairs and nice chairs. We had some chocolate snacks (Tim Tams) and cordial. It was very tasty. I was inspired by her house. I want to live in a house like hers some day.

Then, finally we got to Noosa Beach. It was beautiful and great. The weather and climate were absolutely the best I had ever seen. The sea was very clear and and it was shallow to a considerable distance from the shore, so it was safe to swim. We had great fun at the beach. We played tag in the water and took a photo in which we all jumped in a line at the same time. We also made a sand mountain. It was a lot of fun. I want to go there again.

After we had great fun at Noosa Beach, we had lunch and then we went shopping. I bought some shoes. I called these shoes “sandals” but my host father said they were “thongs”. They are very nice shoes. They have a picture of Noosa Beach and a wagon on them.

I had a great time at Noosa Beach and other places. I liked Noosa Beach the best.

T.K Boy H1

Wednesday 9th August, 2017

Today, I went shopping and then went to the beach with my class. When shopping, I bought mango juice which tasted was so good. A friend bought caramel nuts and a bacon and eggs. My other friend bought chips. We enjoyed shopping. 

After the shopping, we went to one of our teacher's houses. The house was very beautiful. I was surprised that there was even a little boat. We had some chocolate and juice. It was so good. We could see a great view from the house. I thought I wanted to live in a house like that. 

After the visiting there, we went to the beach, and I swam in the sea. It was very cold, but I enjoyed it. After that, I made the mountain made of the sand with my friends, It was enjoyable, so I thought I wanted to come here again.

K.M H1 Boy


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