Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

   We made a presentation about Japanese culture and had a farewell party today. Our group’s topic is "How Japanese people enjoy New Year". We explained osechi and fukuwarai. I explained to some primary school students, junior high school students, and host families. We did the presentation ten times, so I felt very tired. But, the fukuwarai faces that they made were very funny.
   Then, we ate pizza for afternoon tea. I was full before eating, so I ate only a piece. But, it was tasty. At dinner, I ate penne, lasagna, and chocolate cake. I like lasagna, and it was so delicious.
   At night, we saw the dance performance by HG dance club and sang the song “Arigato.” The dance performance was fantastic. I was worried about our song because our practice time was very short, but my host family said that was lovely. So, I was delighted.
   Today was a long day, but I enjoyed myself.

E. Y. M3 girl

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017
   In the morning, we had ESL lessons. We learned about Australian animals through some activities. For example, we had a pair activity, one person memorized sentences about Red Kangaroos and told it to the other person, and the person wrote it down. This activity became one of my favorite English activities. 
   After lunch, we gave Japanese cultural presentations to primary school students. It was our second time to give our Japanese cultural presentation. Our group made presentations about “how Japanese people spend their new year”, and we talked about Osechi and Fukuwarai. I was so happy, because all the primary students put their hands up when I asked for some volunteers to play Fukuwarai. While they were playing Fukuwarai, some students were telling the wrong face’s parts intentionally to a student who was blindfolded. It was a lot of fun seeing them, and I was really glad that they enjoyed our presentation.
   After school, we stayed at school, because we had presentations for our host families and the farewell party. Pizzas were provided. Each person could eat two pieces of pizza, but there were leftovers, so my friends and I ate three each. Before the farewell party started, we had time, so I talked with my friends and practiced singing. When Mone and I went to the shop near the entrance to buy hot chocolates, the shop had closed already. Then we decided that we would buy them tomorrow
   At 4:30pm, finally, the farewell party started. First, we ate dinner. For dessert, chocolate cakes and fruits were also provided. The top of the cake, the sentence,”Arigatou Hiroo Gakuen” were written. Next, the dance club students performed their dance. That was amazing! It was exciting to watch it. After the dance, we were given our certificates and kangaroo’s dolls from Clare and the principal of MFAC, and the representatives of the students gave thank you letters to the English teachers and Clare. At the end of the farewell party, we sang “ありがとう” for our host families.
   During the farewell party, I saw some students crying. Then I realized that the day I had to say goodbye was coming. I cannot believe tomorrow is the last day of school. I’ll learn as many things as possible until I leave for Japan.
M. K. M3 girl


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