Wednesday 16th August, 2017 (updated Monday 21st August)

Wednesday 16th August, 2017

I went to Australia Zoo. I had not been to a zoo for ages. I like kangaroos the best of all animals. I was looking forward to taking a picture with one and patting them. I saw a koala first. Most of the koalas were sleeping in the trees. Their sleeping faces were very cute. I could hold a koala; it was fluffy and very comfortable. After that, I watched the crococdile show. It was so dynamic. A lot of birds came out as well as crocodiles and it was exciting.Finally, I went to the kangaroo area. It was really wonderful. There were many kangaroos. I took a picture with them and patted them. It was very soft to the touch. I heard that the kangaroo is a wild animal but they were gentle. I like them even more now. It was like a dream.
In the evening, I went to Maroochy Bushland Sculpture garden (the park). It was a good place which is maintained very well and has an abundance of bird life.

After I got home, I baked lamingtons with Yuka and my host mother. It is a cake which is famous in Australia. This delicious dish is made of the most original ingredients. I will make it when I go back to Japan.

W.M M3 Girl

Wednesday 16th August, 2017

I got up at 6:30. I ate cereal, toast, fruit and miso soup this morning.

I went to Australia Zoo. I walked with Yoshiki and Yuuchi there. We patted a kangaroo there. Its back was as soft as a dog’s. I saw a lot of animals and we watched a crocodile show. The crocodiles were so cool. We took a shuttle bus and then saw some koalas who were very cute. I bought a stuffed toy kangaroo, some pens and some candy. For lunch, I ate an apple and the food in my lunch box. After, we went to the Africa area. We saw giraffes and zebras.

For dinner, I ate steak, potato salad and broccoli. I played some games after dinner such as card games and a battle game.

I drank some cocoa after getting out of the bath.Today was a very good day!

K.K M3 Boy

Wednesday 16th August, 2017

I went to MFAC in the morning and after, we went to Australia zoo. I saw crocodiles, snakes and more. I got a good impression of kangaroos. I patted some kangaroos with my friends. They are very soft and warm.
For unch, we ate a hotdog. It was delicious.
After that, we saw the crocoseum show. The birds and a crocodile looked beautiful and powerful.
After the show, we ate an ice cream.
I came back home by bus and I played table tennis with my host brother. 
We ate a big steak and potato salad at the dinner.
After the dinner, we played some games.
It was very exciting. After the games, Kazuki and I practiced the song.
After taking a bath, I drank a cocoa and ate cookies.
Today was a very good day.

H. Y. M3 Boy


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