Tuesday 8th August, 2017

Tuesday 8th August, 2017
Today, I followed the regular schedule with my buddy name, Micaela. She took me around the school to classes for the entire day, which was really helpful for me.

For my first block today, I had a Japanese class. It felt a little weird to learn Japanese in English, but I  had so much fun in that class. I got to talk with some other Japanese friends that were studying in Australia for a while, and I made some new friends. Because I was able to look at Japanese from a different perspective, I honestly felt that learning a whole new language, especially Japanese is really hard.

For the next block, I had a class that studies about religion. I was surprised that they study about some other religions because we don’t have those kind of classes back in Japan.

We had morning tea after that. There is no thing such like that in Japan, so I thought it was really cool that we got the opportunity to experience those activities in Australia. I had P.E after the morning tea, and we played basketball in our class. I was assigned to join the yellow team but I didn't know anyone there. However, as I played along with the others, I started to feel like I was part of the team and contributing. I was able to spend a really good time at my class. 

Afterwards, we had lunch time. I really liked the lunch that my host mother made for me. It tasted very good. After I have became full, we moved to the last block. I had an English class. The students in my class had an assignment going on, so I read my buddy’s work that she has done. Later, we started reading a book called “Macbeth” by Shakespeare, but sadly we didn’t have enough time to go farther into that story because the bell rang and everybody was dismissed.
Overall, I had so much fun today and I felt like I was back at my old international school. I am hoping that this will keep continuing so that I can improve and grow my English more and more. I really appreciate that we have gotten a great chance to study English in such a good environment.

K.C H1 Girl

Tuesday 8th August, 2017  
Today, we played softball at school. It was a lot of fun to hit the ball with the bat. I enjoyed playing it very much.

After lunch, we studied surf safety. I learned the rules of the beach in Australia. For example, we have to swim between the red and yellow flags. We will be going to the beach, so I will be careful to follow the rules.

After school, I went to KFC with my host family. They like fried chicken and I do too, so it was great to eat it together. 

Before going to bed, we watched the news and  a comedy drama on TV. It was difficult for me to understand it. However, my host father, Edwin explained the contents and I could understand. It was fun. 

When I looked outside after watching TV, I could see a great full moon.

Tomorrow, I will go to a market and a beach. I'm looking forward to going there.

K.K H1 Boy



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