Thursday 10th August, 2017 (Photos updated 14th August)

Thursday 10th August, 2017

Today was the first day in Australia.
I was a little tired but today was a lot of fun!
I ate snacks, fish and french fries and went shopping.  
Also, we met our host family.  Before I met my host family, I was a little nervous but my host family are very kind and I enjoy spending time with them!
Tomorrow we have our first ESL lesson, so I'm very excited!!

O.M M3 Girl

Thursday 10th August, 2017
We arrived at Brisbane International Airport at 6:52.
After that, we went to a park, and we ate some fruit and some cookies. There was a nice of view there. I thought that I would like to go there again. After that, we went shopping.
In the evening, we met our host families. I was a little nervous, but they took care of us and are kind, so I was relieved.
I will do my best to speak English!!

O.H M3 Girl

Thursday 10th August, 2017

Today we arrived in Australia.

Australia is far from Japan, but the flight was very comfortable. And the in-flight meal was good!

We went to a park.We ate cookies and fruit there. The cookies and fruit were delicious!

After that, I went to school after shopping and having lunch. I enjoyed shopping and lunch. Everyone on the bus going to school afterwards was tired and most people were asleep.

And then, I first met host family. They are very funny and gentle people.

I ate chicken and salad for dinner. This meal was made by my host mother and host grandmother. I don't like salad but this salad was very yummy!!

After dinner, I watched TV with my host family. It was fun!

Today was very busy but I enjoyed it!
I'm looking forward to the next two weeks in Australia.

N.T M3 Girl



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