Saturday 5th August, 2017

Saturday 5th August, 2017
Today, I arrived in Australia.

I was very happy when I arrived in Australia. I have never been to a foreign country, so I was excited to see signs written in English as well as the view.

I rode in the City Cat (a boat) on the Brisbane river and went to South Bank with my friends. There were many birds that are not in Tokyo. I went shopping and I used Australian money. I was worried I would make a mistake.

After that, I went to Matthew Flinders (MFAC) by bus. I was very tired, so I slept on the bus.

At MFAC, I met my host mother for the first time. We went to a music event. My host sisters performed in it.

Tomorrow, I will go to Sunshine Coast Stadium and listen to their music. I am looking forward to it.

It is a little difficult for me to catch what my host family say and I can’t speak English so well, so I will work hard to speak and listen to English.

O.N H1 Girl

Saturday 5th August, 2017

Today we arrived in Australia. I was tired because of the long flight, so I slept on the bus.

We went shopping and went to the city. It was so good! We ate fish and chips for lunch. It was big and too much for me, but it tasted so good!

After that, we went to the school. I was really looking forward to meeting the host family but I was a little nervous too.

My host family is so nice to me. I’ll try my best to improve my English skills and I want to enjoy a different life in Australia.

S.H H1 Girl

Sunday 6th August, 2017

This week is a big week for my host family because my host brother had a big music event today. I didn’t go to his concert but instead, went to the home of my friend, Yuka (who is staying with the Williams family).

There, we watched a movie (The Night Museum). It was very funny and I was excited. After the movie, we went shopping. I was surprised by the products which were sold at the shop. They were all organic food. I have never been to such a shop so I was surprised. I want to go to such a shop in Japan. I had a very good time today and I am looking forward to spending next weekend with my host family.

O.A H1 Girl

Sunday 6th August, 2017

Today was the second day of the trip.

Today, I took a walk with my host mother, Katrina and host sister Emily around King’s Beach after having breakfast. It was very cold but the sea was beautiful! Katrina bought Tim Tams for me after the walk. I was very happy.

When we arrived at the house, Katrina’s grandmother gave me a wind chime. It was very cute so I was glad.

Today was the birthday of Katrina’s daughter, so I made some dishes with Katrina and her grandmother. It was a lot of fun.

I thought I will do my best while here because I couldn’t understand English and I don’t want to trouble anybody. I’ll do my best!

R.Y H1 Girl



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