Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August, 2017 (updated Tuesday August 22nd)

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August, 2017

[Sat. 19th]
Today, I went shopping. The shopping center was very large and a part of the building was on the water. 
First, I went to an electronic store. There were many electronic things. I like electronic things so I was happy.I wanted to buy some things but I couldn't because the Australian connecter was different from the Japanese one. 
Second, I went to a book store. I bought a cooking book. The book introduces Australian food. I am going to give my mother the book. 
Third, I went to the anime goods shop. There were many character goods. I like Captain America so I bought marvel goods. 
Fourth, I went to a supermarket. The food was very cheep. I bought some snacks and seasonings. 
After shopping, I went to Flinders Fair. The fair was very large because the school changed into an amusement park. I was surprised that there were many attractions. I rode four attractions. First I rode the swing. It was very windy and I felt cold. Second, I rode the rocket ride. It made me tired because the attraction span very fast. 
Third I rode the coffee cups. I gave up after I rode it. The coffee cup span very fast.
Forth I tried shooting game. Shooting was very difficult but I could shoot little targets, and it was fun.
After I finished, I ate dinner. I ate tacos. It was very delicious and big. I got full. When I ate dinner, some students played instruments. Their songs were very beautiful and sounded great. 
After dinner, I watched the fireworks with the Flinders students and my friends. The Flinders students talked to us. My friends laughed when the fireworks began. They were very beautiful and I couldn't say anything. 
Today was a very happy day and I think today will stay in my heart forever. 
I. N. M3 Boy

[Sat. 19]
Today, I went shopping for dinner (which Sakura and I were going to cook in the morning). Before Iw went,  I tried to put some perfume on. It said that it smelled like cherry blossom, but it was not cherry blossom’s smell and I didn’t like it. Later on, I ate ramen for lunch because I was missing Japanese food.
In the afternoon, I visited “Flinders Fair” at Matthew Flinders Anglican College. I arrived there at two thirty. First, I went on the slide. Second, I played on the swing and I felt a little bit motion sick. Third, I saw everyone riding the roller coaster. Sakura felt  sick because she had ridden it two times in a row, so I was looking after her. I was like a mother. However, I felt sick when I rode another attraction, so I guess I feel motion sickness easily, too. I rode only three attractions, but it was a lot of fun!
After that, I watched the fireworks with my friends. It was very beautiful, but I wanted to see more fireworks. I miss Japanese fireworks.  I had a great time at Matthew Flinders!!
A. I. M3 girl

[Sun. 20th]
I got up at 6:20. I got up at the same time as usual, but I had to get up earlier today. I had a cupcake and tea this morning. 
I saw a horse. That horse is called Felix. He is cute. He was eating grass for a long time because he was hungry. I saw my host mother riding the horse. She was very good. I ate a bacon and egg sandwich, and it was delicious.
After that, I washed my clothes. Washing is once a week, so the amount of the clothes I need to wash was big. When I was washing my clothes, I spent so much time that I couldn’t go to the beach. I wanted to go there.
I ate dinner with my family. I ate meat and vegetables. I ate ice cream for dessert. Today was another good day.
Y. M. M3 girl

Today, I went to stabling. I got up at 5:30. There was clear blue sky and it was so beautiful. I ate a cupcake this morning, and I had a tea.
Then I saw a horse. He is so cute. Its name is Felix. My host mother learned to ride, and she is a good rider. I ate sandwiches for lunch. It was bacon and sunny-side-up egg sandwiches, and they were really delicious. I had three of those.
After eating lunch, I did the laundry and cleaned my room. I used a vacuum cleaner.
Shortly after that, I spent the afternoon with our dog. She is very friendly and is always wagging her tail. She is not easily tamed, but I think she likes me. She is so cute, and I like her very much. I ate some vegetables and pork for dinner tonight. I ate ice cream for dessert. The pork tasted so good, and I had a really nice day today.
T. K. M3 girl


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