Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th August, 2017 (updated 17th August)

Saturday 12th August, 2017

I went to Undersea World (an aquarium).
There were so many beautiful and cool fish. There was a crocodile, too
I really enjoyed it.

After that, we went to a super market .
It was so big and there were a lot of different kinds of food. I bought an ice cream.

After I returned home, we made miso soup. It was great!
After we ate, we watched the movie, Star Wars.
Today was such a great day!

H.Y M3 Boy

Saturday 12th August, 2017

    It was a really great day! In the morning, I went to the market with my mother. We bought a lot of food there. The clerk was very kind and friendly at every shop. Also, my host mother bought me some bread and something to drink. It was really delicious and I had a good time.

    After I got home, my host father made me a delicious breakfast. In my home, my father doesn’t cook, so it was a surprise. In the afternoon, my host father took me to the Sunshine Coast University to see the kangaroos. I couldn’t believe that there were kangaroos in the university and I could see the kangaroos up so close. We took photos with them.

    After that, we climbed Mt. Coolum. I was thinking it would finish in 20 or 30 minutes, and it would be easy to climb. However, it was really hard for me and I sweated a lot. The view was wonderful, so I forgot that climbing the mountain was so hard. If I have an opportunity to climb the mountain again, I want to try it.

    And finally, I went to the beach. It was really awesome. First, we walked along the river. It was very beautiful, so I couldn’t think of this as a river. Also we walked in a place like a jungle. My host brother and sister gave us beautiful shells and some coral. They have become my treasure. Finally, we reached the beach. The sky color was pretty beautiful and the ocean sound was really cool.The scenery was beautiful beyond description and I felt like I wanted to stay forever. I love it there.

    After, I had roast chicken for dinner. This is a famous meal in Australia. My host family told me a lot of things about Australia, so I’d like to tell them about Japan more.

H.M M3 Girl

Saturday 12th August 2017

I woke up at 8:00 and I ate vegimite on the toast. It was my first time to eat it but it was yummy!

After that, I went to watch a soccer game. My host mothers sister, Nikea and her family and my family cheered on my host sister. We ate hotdogs for lunch.

After that, I went shopping and I bought a water bottle. Also I went to the beach. There, I played with my host brother and sister but the water was very cold. Anyway, it was a nice ocean view! It was a lot of fun.

I ate cheese pizza and meat pizza for dinner. It was very yummy!

After that,I played hide-and-seek with my host sister and brother. It was very exciting!!

I.N M3 Girl

Sunday 13th August, 2017

 I woke up at 8 o'clock. I ate toast covered with vegimite. It was very delicious!

After that, I went strawberry picking with my host family. The strawberries were delicious! After that I had picnic in the park. I ate a sandwich and some chocolate cake. I put chicken, tomato, lettuce and cucumber in the sandwich. It was very tasty. After that I just put my feet into the beautiful river near the park. Sunday was very hot, so it felt good. The sun was strong, so my skin got burned. After that I played on the playground equipment with my host sister and host brother. My host sister and host brother were very energetic and it was hard for me to follow. I went home and ate tacos for dinner. In Japan, we don't eat tacos so often, so I was glad. Sunday was a fulfilling day for me and, I was very tired.

M.Y M3 Girl

Sunday 13th August, 2017

This morning, we went to the lake with Molly to go walking. When we were walking, we met Rebecca's friends. They are sisters and they paint many pictures.They were very nice. This afternoon,  we had a picnic at the park near the sea.

I ate some sandwiches. They were delicious! After lunch, I went to the beach and hung out with Molly and my friends. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. After the picnic, we went to the cake and tea shop.

I drank some chocolate milk and ate matcha cheese cake. Both the drink and cake were very delicious! Then when we went home, we went to the park with Sam and Molly. We enjoyed hanging out. I was very tired, but this weekend was the best ever. I will never forget it.

Y.Y M3 Girl

Sunday 13th August, 2017
I went to the beach for the first time since I came to Australia. I saw the beautiful sea, the beautiful blue sky and cute dogs. The beach is usually dirty in Japan, but it is clean here. I found many shells, and they were very beautiful.

I saw two dogs, and they were very big. They looked like wolves but were very gentle. And then, we went to the park. I ate lunch at the park. My lunch was ham, lettuce, tomato and cucumber sandwiches. It was very delicious.

I had a lot of fun today.

A. O. M3 girl


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