Monday 21st August, 2017

Monday 21st August, 2017
We went to University of Queensland today. The university is really big. It is like a national park. There is a lake, a lot of school buildings named after people who contributed to the university. There is a building called “Michie” I was surprised that a Japanese person contributed to the university. We learned that we have possibilities to work all over the world, and we learned that why and how the campus tour guide entered the university. He had a clear vision on what he wanted to do in the future. When I heard that, I thought I want to think of my future like him.
After school, we cooked okonomiyaki for our host family. We cooked for one and a half hours. It took too much time. If I can come again, I’ll practice harder to prepare more efficiently. When they ate it, they said, “yummy!” but when we ate it, it was not cooked well. We found that our host family is very kind and we are so lucky to have them as our host family. 
We have made many mistakes, but I think this experience is good for our future. I want to cherish the relationship between my host family and me. 
C. K. M3 girl

Monday 21st August, 2017
Today, I went to Brisbane. This is the third time for me because I went to Brisbane to meet my host family's grandchildren yesterday.

At 10:00, We arrived at the University of Queensland. The school is very big, so I was surprised. We had a Japanese student there as the school tour guide. He is enjoying his school life very much. So, I want to be like him in the future.

After that, we went to the shopping mall. There are many shops, but we had only 1 hour to go shopping. I hurried so much and  I bought a lot of souvenirs for my friends and my family. I could make some good memories today.
E. S. M3 girl

Monday 21st August, 2017
Today, we went to The University Of Queensland in Brisbane. We were divided into three groups, and were guided to the facilities by the university’s students. He told us a lot of things. For example, his department, how to decide my lifework and why he came to Australia. I learned many things from his story. I’ve not decided what I want to be in the future, so it was a good opportunity to start thinking about my dream.
After we went to the university, we went shopping in Westfield for an hour but I didn’t see so many shops as I ate with my friends for a while. I bought only some lip balm. My friends wanted to buy some, but they couldn’t, because they didn’t have enough time. They complained about the short time, but it was enough for me.
On the way to school, we exchanged riddles in the bus. But my friends couldn’t answer my riddle very well. Time flew by and we really enjoyed it.
Also, we had two visitors today. One of them could speak Japanese fluently, another one was an Italian. We played some English games. It was good, but a bit difficult for me. I realized that I should know more English words. After we played games, Miki and I sang Japanese songs for them. They enjoyed listening to our singing.
Today, one of our teachers said to us “You got used to living in Australia, so you are starting to concentrate less on listening to someone’s English than when we arrived here. You have little time left here, and such an opportunity doesn’t come often, so you should make the most of it.” Actually, when I came here, Miki and I spoke in English all the time, but now, we tend to speak in Japanese when we are alone. So, I’ll try to talk more in Englis.
Anyway, I learned a lot of things today and it was a nice day. I’m looking forward to going to the adventure playground tomorrow.
Y. Y. M3 girl 


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