Friday 11th August, 2017 (Photos updated 14th August, 2017)

Friday 11th August, 2017

Today was our first school day. The school is very big and beautiful.

My host family and Yuka and Natsumi's host families ate dinner together. After, we watched a movie and played "hide and seek" (kakurenbo). At night, I saw many beautiful stars when I was in the car.

Today was a happy day.

K.M M3 Girl

Friday 11th August, 2017

I got up at 7:10 this morning. My host family's house is near the school. It takes five minutes from my host family's house to school.  It's very lucky!

We went to classroom at school. We listened to Mrs Clare Markby and Mrs Anna Klar. They explained the rules of the school and safety of the beach.

Next Mrs Anna Klar took us on a campus tour. The school is much larger than Hiroo Gakuen. The playground was large, too.

After that we had morning tea. I ate cookies and strawberry stick bar. It tasted great.

After that,  we listened to Mrs Clare Markby and Mrs Anna Klar and then we had lunch. We ate sandwiches and fruit. All were delicious!

Next we played t-ball. Our team lost. The weather was good but it was very hot!

After we came back home,  we went to a restaurant by car and ate dinner. We ate a pizza and waffle. It was nice and I was full.

Finally, we saw a lot of stars! It was very beautiful so I was happy! I think that it will be a happy weekend.

K.S  M3 Girl


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