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Wednesday 23rd August, 2017

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017
   We made a presentation about Japanese culture and had a farewell party today. Our group’s topic is "How Japanese people enjoy New Year". We explained osechi and fukuwarai. I explained to some primary school students, junior high school students, and host families. We did the presentation ten times, so I felt very tired. But, the fukuwarai faces that they made were very funny.    Then, we ate pizza for afternoon tea. I was full before eating, so I ate only a piece. But, it was tasty. At dinner, I ate penne, lasagna, and chocolate cake. I like lasagna, and it was so delicious.    At night, we saw the dance performance by HG dance club and sang the song “Arigato.” The dance performance was fantastic. I was worried about our song because our practice time was very short, but my host family said that was lovely. So, I was delighted.    Today was a long day, but I enjoyed myself.
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Wednesday 23rd August, 2017    In the morning, we…