Thursday 17th August, 2017 (updated Monday 21st August)

Thursday 17th August, 2017

Today, we went to Bellflower retirement village. It is a nursing home on the Sunshine Coast. All of the residents were very kind and friendly, so we talked with them so much.
I gave a presentation about Origami. I could speak my parts of the presentation without any difficulties. However our presentation wasn't so good. So we can improve our presentation next time. However, the residents listened to me carefully. After that we had morning tea with them. I ate a piece of cake and a chocolate cookie. One of the villagers talked to me about her family and she showed me some pictures. When she talked to me about her family she was always smiling. We sang a Japanese song. We practiced singing the song before we went to nursing home. When we finished singing, the villagers applauded. 

Then, we went back to school and studied a lot of Australian animals. We learned many things about them. 

For dinner, I ate a steak. It was really delicious. 

I spent a nice day and I will enjoy tomorrow too.

Y. H.  M3 Boy


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